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“I would like to share with you how Nina exposed me to the truly beautiful and magnificent art form of Stone Therapy. As a registered massage therapist I wanted to expand my practice by offering new and different modalities to my clients. For me Nina took it far beyond that, she connects the “mind-body-spirit” in a truly beautiful dance that takes the energy from the hot and cool stones and applies them in the most stimulating and relaxing way. I learned so much from Nina and was able to begin offering Stone Therapy right after I performed my 15 practice massages. Nina’s love and enthusiasm for the therapy is evident in the results she is able to achieve in very difficult cases. I am anxiously waiting for Nina’s advanced course and her facial course. I have fallen in love with my stones and especially with the reaction from my clients. Each person that has experienced a session has returned for more!

Thanks so much Nina!

Sincere thanks,”
Robin Marleau

“After following my intuition, I contacted Nina Gart of Gart International to take the Stone Therapy Course, Level I. I knew that this course would compliment my other modalities of Reiki, & Thereuptic uses of Essential Oils, and I definitely was not dissappointed.

Nina “works from her heart” in her teachings and interaction with her students. I have a dis-ease of Rheumatoid Arthritis and she did whatever she could to make sure that I was comfortable in learning the technique, and allowed me to come into my own with it, with hardly any pain at all. Her concern for alleviation of my symptoms was wonderful and refreshing and she made many suggestions to me as to what I could do with the stones daily to help myself physically. She also asked me to follow-up with her and to also keep a daily health diary.

There are not enough Practitioners today that show the genuine caring that Nina does to her students and I have referred many people to her since.

I would like to bless you and your family Nina, for your heart-filled teachings”.

Deborah Kenney

“Stone therapy is one of the most incredible treatments I have every received and given.  I find giving the treatment to be a very calming and almost a ceremonial experience.  Nina was a wonderful instructor, who through out the entire class stressed safety of using hot and cold stones.  She is very knowledgeable in this modality, and could answer any question that we presented to her.

The classroom setting was made to be very comfortable and relaxing…the perfect environment for learning.  Through Nina’s stone therapy class I have been able to give my clients the tools to help them to achieve total relaxation and  a treatment that has allowed them to totally escape reality.  Which in this stress filled world is essential.  It also allows for an awesome connection between client and practitioner.

I would recommend to everyone who is interested in helping others to take this class.  This is fabulous gift that Nina is passing along to her students.  Thank you Nina for sharing your techniques with me.  You have opened a whole new method of healing for me and my clients”.
Tammy Stevens RMT



“Incredible! That’s the first word that comes to mind. My Hot Stone Therapy had to be the most relaxing, satisfied 90 minutes I have had in a long time.

I have had many massages & other treatments during the last 2 years (primarily because I have chronic low back pain) but this was by far, the best yet! Not only was the treatment itself VERY good, but you show a genuine caring & concern for your clients. That is very nice to see, especially in a large SPA like this.

I will be back. Right now, I don’t even feel as though I have a back injury. I will highly recommend you and this therapy to my friends…”
Michelle Brenton


“During the last few months I have had the pleasure of getting to know Nina. It has been her healing touch through the hot stone massage therapy that has helped me enjoy walking again.

Over the past year I began to lose feeling in both feet and since the beginning of this year my ankles started swelling to the size of small footballs. I was experiencing a lot of pain and stiffness and was having trouble walking. I thought this was something I’d have to live with and the fear of loosing my feet was really beginning to scare me. It was at this point I decided to try something different and that’s when I came to know Nina. It was during our first session that she noticed I had no arches and my ankles were badly swollen. She spent a great amount of time in this area and because of this the pain in my left foot went from a ten to a three, while the pain in my right foot went from a ten to a six.

Nina told me of things I could do to help bring this problem to a very livable level and after o second hot stone massage the pain in both feet is down to a two level. The hot stone massage therapy has a way of reaching deep into your muscles and releasing the stress within them. I have found it to be great inner body method of healing.”
Byron Mushaluk


“First of all I want to thank you for such a wonderful experience. I was a little concerned about the unknown of never having such a treatment. Within the first few minutes the hot stones on my back set met at ease. The became one with me.
Placement of stones on various points of the body, you could almost feel the drain from the body immediately.

With the combination of cold placed in the neck area & the massage of the hot stones on the back, resulted in total relaxation once again.
Remember to relax & enjoy. “
Catherine Covin


“A few thoughts about Hot Stone Therapy…
This was my first time with this kind of therapy. I had read about and seen photos of this type of body work and I was curious to try it.

This session certainly exceeded my expectations. The combination of the heat, weight & smoothness of the stones is intoxicating. It takes massage & relaxation to a whole new level. You are at once very present in your body and also feel a great release of any stress at the same time. You simply melt.
I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Thank you, Nina! I will definitely be back.”
Karei Newman


“A stone massage with Nina is a necessity for me. As a chiropractor who deals with a busy family practice, keeping myself centered is essential. Thank you so much for a wonderful, healing encounter.”
Diana Armitage


“Thank you! What a wonderful experience! Not knowing what to experience. I was pleasantly surprised at the range of emotion felt during my first Stone Massage. Your fingers were like magic – transmitting warmth & harmony to my body. The transposition of hot and cold was amazing – the stones almost fell like they absorbed the energy from my body and moved it back and forward to you and back. It was am amazing awakening! …”
Barb Hogan


“There is a sense of freedom the body & spirit share with this treatment. The balance of hot & cold seems to allow a release and balance… almost like a dance. Having experienced this therapy before I would say a sense of complete trust in the therapist is critical… Fantastic journey.”
Nancy Williams


“First Impressions… Nina: Warmth, balance, knowledge… Forward, no nonsense…
The Treatment: Organic, from dust we came to dust we go, connected, warmth, limp, beginning.
These are abstract thoughts but that’s where my mind is. To create a sentence with form, isn’t appropriate for such an experience. What I can only express are feelings, not thoughts.”
Barbara Jennet


“I would have to say that my experience with Nina and the hot stone massage has to be by far the most amazing sessions to this day. It showed me to be totally relaxed with no tension. The session released a lot of bad energy that I have had for holding onto in my body – right to the level of emotional release. I truly enjoyed this, I am very relaxed, I feel that a large weight was taken off my body and soul…
I highly recommend this treatment to others but the key factor if the person – Nina was wonderful and made my experience truly memorable.”


“The Stone Therapy treatment was fantastic! Extremely relaxing, yet energizing at the same time. I have experienced other Hot Stone therapies, but none as good as this one. The other therapies involve a more traditional massage, while this one involved hot & cold stones and massage along the length of the body with the use of lotion and essential oils. I will definitely have this type of treatment over a traditional massage … Thanks Nina!”
Stella Brimo


“The heat from the stones seem to penetrate to the core of my being extracting the stress from every pore & muscle and leaving in its place a soothing warmth. I enjoyed the Stone Therapy on my back more than any massage that I have ever experienced. It provided a depth of relaxation & calmness which penetrated to my core (serenity comes to mind).”
Karen Vavra


“I have never enjoyed receiving a massage until I tried the Stone Therapy Massage. The sensation of the hot stones sliding across your body is incredible and relaxing – it is so much more soothing with the rocks and the therapist’s touch. The sensation of the cold stones is at the same time exhilarating. This type of massage doesn’t leave you feeling sore or exhausted – it is incredibly revitalizing.”
Val Shibley


“The Hot Stone therapy was truly extraordinary. This was my first Stone Therapy treatment and I am absolutely amazed at its power and energy. That was of both hot and cold stones has left my body absolutely stress free, energized and balanced – body and mind.

The sensation of heat penetrated to such depth – beyond the bone marrow and into the soul. Such a treatment could only be possible in the hands of a time master and you are truly that. The energy of the universe flames through the stones from your very gifted and healing hands, Nina.

Your Stone Therapy treatment is truly a spiritual experience – profound in the roots of its origin and a reconnection with our souls.
Thank you for such a rich and profound experience, Nina.”
Linda Matthie-Jacobs


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