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* Raindrop Therapy with Hot Stones – Essential Hot Stone Therapy

1-day course

This unique treatment is based on two therapies: Stone Therapy – massage with hot and cold stones and Raindrop Therapy – therapy developed by Dr. D. Gary Young as a result of extensive studies on essential oils and their unique medicinal qualities. These two therapies work exceptionally well together. Also, they enhance the therapeutic effects of one another.

Students who have already taken my Stone Therapy course, are introduced to a unique opportunity to perfect their Stone Therapy techniques and put them together with another exciting therapy – Raindrop Therapy. During this course you will learn the new methodology of stone application and its benefits.

You will also learn the following about Raindrop Therapy and the general use of essential oils:

  • History of the use of pure essential oils by different cultures
  • Raindrop Therapy technique
  • Basic information about pure essential oils used in the Raindrop Therapy, including pure Egyptian essential oils
  • Benefits of the above pure essential oils
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Thermotherapy and pure essential oils
  • Shelf life and proper storage of pure essential oils
  • The benefits do pure essential oils
  • Vabrational healing. Introduction to frequency and how it pertains to pure essential oils
  • What effect of pure essential oils have on the brain?
  • What enables pure essential oils to provide such incredible benefits?
  • Specific strokes
  • Specific layouts of hot stones
  • Application of pure essential oils
  • Methods of pure essential oils use
  • Use of essential oils for common problems
  • And much more …

 5 (five) independent practicums of the Raindrop Therapy with Hot Stones treatments are required within 4 weeks after the course.

PRE-REQUISITE: Level I – Basic Massage with Hot & Cold Stones (STS certificate is required)

Essential oils for the course will be provided.

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