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This course is an equivalent of the core Level I course, which is specifically designed for those who are unable to travel for the course.

It consists of:

Educational manual and a video (90 min) which contains a complete 60 min Basic Stone Therapy treatment, as well as coverage of all necessary safety issues and protocols, procedures, details in work and much more.

Details in the Course Outline below.

–  Placement of stones in a roaster
–  Temperature control
–  Safety principles in Stone Therapy
–  Thermotherapy principals – different types of hot and cold stones applications and body reactions to it
–  Indications and contraindications
–  Benefits of Stone Therapy
–  In depth Basic treatment – Stone Therapy protocols with Illustrated procedures
–  How to incorporate your massage techniques in Stone Therapy
–  The history of healing stones
–  About types of stones used
–  Qualities of basalt and marble stones – geological data, chemical composition and structure
–  Daily care for stones
– Special storks
–  Basic information about Charkas
–  Principals of Meridian Therapy in Stone Therapy
–  Proper care for stones
–  Helpful hints, and much more…

Once enrolled in Level I, Distant Education Certification Course, you will receive 90 minute educational video and detailed educational manual with Illustrated Procedures.

Level I educational manual, written by Nina Gart, is a great tool and guide in your learning process.

90 minute educational video will lead you, step-by-step through the treatment and covers all necessary safety protocols.

Upon receipt of the Distant Educational Kit (Video + Manual) you will be required to perform 20 independent practicums within the following 3 (three) months. During that period of time, you have access to Nina Gart with all your questions and concerns.

Phase 1.
Complete first 10 independent practicums and submit them to STS for revision and recommendations.

You will have to video tape indicated parts of the treatment and submit it with the first 10 practicum forms.

Phase 2.
You perform remaining 10 independent practicums and make the second video tape for evaluation and recommendations.

Phase 3.
Written test.

Upon completion of the certification process and all course requirements, you receive your certificate.

Three options available:

Certificate Distant Educational Kit (Video & Manual) stones not included

Certificate Distant Educational Kit (Video & Manual) +basalt & marble stones included

Non-Certificate Distant Educational Kit (Video & Manual)


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